Sat 19.3.16 woodland ride 3

A successful work party, we were Martin Ruth Paul Karol David L David B Alan Simon Bill Peter Lila and Polly plus Holly Harry and Alice. We started to open up woodland ride 3, up from the catbrain road car parking.

Um, which tree will I cut down next?

Don’t be afraid- he’s fully trained and licensed.

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Sat 20th Feb

Thankful for a dry morning we worked on the track up to Long Quarry. We were Paul Karol Ian Simon Alan Charlie Rita Bill four Davids Peter Polly and Lilla plus three dogs holly Alice and Ranach.

Having a well-earned break!
And a mighty fire.

Sat 12 Dec

Select band of two Davids, Rita, Carol, Paul, Alan and polly took out more trees and scrub from the quarry behind the bottle bank. Merry Christmas to all our supporters.

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Sat 14 November

Today in the rain, we were three Davids, Rita, Ian, Paul, Carol, Alan, John and Polly. Paul made good use of his chainsaw and we had an impressive bonfire.
Taking these trees out alongside the Cotswold Way will allow grassland to regenerate.