Snow and Dartmoor Ponies

Proper winter weather, with snow and frosts, results in a picturesque countryside but creates problems too. It has put back the planned start of grazing two areas of the Beacon.  Three Dartmoor ponies from Slad are keen to get to the ramparts of the Hill Fort to continue grazing where the Belted Galloways were a year ago.  Similarly a hungry bunch of Gloucester cattle are eager to be munching away on the western slopes of the Hill Fort between the Beacon topograph and the road to Gloucester.  How I know their feelings is a secret not even known to GCHQ, but I will share with you our need for helpers.  Helpers to remove poisonous yew from the grazing areas and clear undergrowth from the route of the fencing.  Helpers to install the fencing, the electric pulsers, and the water troughs.  Helpers to be trained as ‘checkers’ so they know what to look for when they volunteer for some of the daily inspections of the grazers, their water and their fences.  Could this be you?  If so, please let me know.

David Allott, Chairman PBCG, 01452 812624

from the latest edition of the Painswick Beacon

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