Painswick Beacon: The bad and the selfish

Painswick Beacon has been blighted recently by fly tipping and the selfish behaviour of visitors or locals who leave all kinds of litter behind, or let their dogs do so.

In the last few weeks there have been a series of fly tipping and an increase in litter leaving at the many road access points to the Beacon having a disastrous affect on our local beauty spot.  The most dramatic have been a truckload of uncooked chicken bits, and a load of household rubbish including child’s car seat, hanging baskets, storage boxes, bird caging and three recently alive pheasants.  The first was reportedly dumped ‘on or before’ Wednesday 6th February, and the second on Wednesday 13th February.  Both heaps were in the top most carpark beside the road that serves Catbrain.  A third load, unwanted rubber tyres, was added in front of the second on Thursday 14th February. Some Valentine’s gift!

Grazing had recommenced on the Beacon after nearly a year without the Belted Galloways. Three Dartmoor ponies have been grazing the same paddock as the Belties and shortening the smothering grass.  But not for long; ‘persons unknown’ have been meddling with the water troughs and electrified fencing. This has unnerved the owner, so the ponies have been removed.

In recent weeks there have also been incidents of track bikes and quad bikes doing damage to the greens and fairways at the golf course and the ongoing problems of a few dog owners not picking up after their dogs have left excrement for the rest of us to walk in.  It is difficult to catch vandals in the act, and dangerous to confront them.  But if more of the many walkers on the Beacon carry a camera or notebook, evidence can be passed promptly to the potential prosecutors. 0800 80 70 60 or 01453 754424

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