Sat 6th April

Dear Member,

We will be joining with others in a “Saplings and Champagne” event on Saturday 6th April.  This is to provide landscape planting to soften the appearance of the new building and other changes at Catbrain Quarry.  It is being done in collaboration with Meister Masonry, and with their support.  We will transplant a goodly number of ‘doomed’ shrubs and sapling trees (that would otherwise be destroyed) to the newly selected planting areas.  The initiative for this comes from this Conservation Group.  There will be a normal working party session on this Saturday morning and it will prepare for the afternoon.  From 2 p.m. – 4p.m. (when the tea, buns and champers will be available), the barrowing and planting will take place.  We hope that you may be able to join us for some of the day.  If not, perhaps you can interest and encourage others?  We are having something of a members recruitment drive this year, so new faces and willing hands are especially welcome.  We may well have more work parties during the summer doing jobs that do not risk disturbing nesting birds or risk crushing valuable plants.

Equipment: We shall have a selection of spades, forks, barrows and watering cans available, but if you have a wheel barrow, trenching spade (to get under small trees) watering can that you can easily bring, it/they will be most helpful.

Safety: Some of the work (for nominated, trained and certified brushcutter operators) will be near the quarry edge,   If you have to have a sailors’ safety harness to enable the wearer to “clip on” to the safety fence, it will be most welcome.

Numbers: So that we know how many to prepare for, and cater for, please let David Little (813734) or me (812624) know if you are joining in on Saturday. Please advise at what time you will be with us and whether you are bringing any tools.

Grazing: The Watts family (from Hardwick and Saul) plan to introduce six Gloucester heifers to Paddock 2, as soon as grass grows, and then 5 cows with calves to Paddock 3 when they have successfully completed their veterinary tests.

Yours sincerely,

David Allott

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