Slashers; Sat. 15th. Feb.


Hi Slashers,
We have a busy morning ahead of us this Saturday, weather permitting. The aim is to complete clearance of two areas, with two cheering fires! Both are near to the Western edge of the cemetery. So starting point will be at the Golf Club car park, near our equipment store. Those who can, especially the fire-raisers, will start at 9.00a.m. and others will join from 10.00a.m. if that suits them better. For those “in the know” of HLS labelling, we will be working in: Paddock 1; Areas 21 and 16, and in our “Blue” area 2.

We had an amazing turnout of 14 last time, and I hope for a jolly gathering on Saturday. To help with planning; if you could let me know if you intend to join in,that would be vey welcome. All best, David A.

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