Work Parties- Extra

Further update for you:–
The Cotswold Wardens have agreed to come and help us, principally in Long Quarry on Thursdays 10th.,and 17th. of April.  I know that for some of you weekday working is easier than Saturday.  This should appeal to you.  And to any others?   Please let me know if you expect to join us, so that I can plan equipment etc.  We will principally be dragging tree branches and twigs to 2 large bonfires following on from a LOT of tree felling last year.  ‘Till April it will not be dry enough to get into the quarry.
In passing, yesterday was Summer?  We had a Brimstone and two (keen-to-increase-their-population) Peacocks in the garden. Real warmth, at last.
Regards,  David A.

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