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Sat 22.4.17 Western Slopes


Again back on the western slopes above the Gloucester Road for our last regular work party of the 2017 Spring season, we had a bumper work party with 19 slashers- Paul, Karol, Andrew and Rachel B; Richard C, Richard A, Lilla, Ian M, Ian S, David P, David L, David & Rita B (long time no see!), Carole, Charlie, John L, Sabina and Polly. Enjoying the sunshine and running around were Izzy, Holly, Milly, Dinah, Ranach, Alice and Lily (with a cute red neckerchief!).

Afterwards we had been invited to Selina’s for lunch at Kimsbury Farm. We ate delightful bangers and mash in the sunshine and enjoyed the view and friendly chat.

A great end to the season!

Sat 25.3.17 North-western Quarries

Once again working our way up to the quarries near the madam’s wood end, taking out scrub and ash, we were John J, Paul and Karol, Ruth, Richard A, Richard C, David L, David P, Lillia, Andrew and Polly plus welcome to new Paul. Also of course Holly, Ranach, Alice, Daisy, Izzy, Harry and Dinah for the first time too. (7 = record number of dogs! We must be the most dog-friendly conservation group!) Andrew looked pretty handy with a scythe!


Sat 11.3.2017 North-western Quarries

A super large work party of Paul, Karol, Carole, Ian M, Richard A, John, Richard A, Charlie, David L, Lilla, Sabina, Brian, Ruth, Andrew, Alan, David P, John Linsell, Jenny and Polly. Not forgetting we were joined by Holly, Izzy, Ranach, Alice and Lily- our four-legged stick carriers.


Oh we do love a fire! 🔥



13 slashers old and new continued working near the bridle track. We had a light covering of snow but the bonfire soon warmed us up. Well it did once we built it up with ash and not willow. Many thanks to Selina for the donuts!


Ten people and four dogs worked hard to continue reducing scrub near the bridle track up from the road near madams wood. Lack of firefighters and recent rain made getting the bonfire going very tricky.


Sixteen hardy souls worked up the bridle track near the madams wood end.