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Sat 19.3.16 woodland ride 3

A successful work party, we were Martin Ruth Paul Karol David L David B Alan Simon Bill Peter Lila and Polly plus Holly Harry and Alice. We started to open up woodland ride 3, up from the catbrain road car parking.

Um, which tree will I cut down next?

Don’t be afraid- he’s fully trained and licensed.

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Sat 20th Feb

Thankful for a dry morning we worked on the track up to Long Quarry. We were Paul Karol Ian Simon Alan Charlie Rita Bill four Davids Peter Polly and Lilla plus three dogs holly Alice and Ranach.

Having a well-earned break!
And a mighty fire.

Sat 12 Dec

Select band of two Davids, Rita, Carol, Paul, Alan and polly took out more trees and scrub from the quarry behind the bottle bank. Merry Christmas to all our supporters.

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Dear PBCG Supporter

I write to invite you to the Conservation Group AGM on Thursday 12th November at 7.30pm in the Painswick Church Rooms. We have James Blockley, Cotswold Trails and Access Officer from the Cotswolds Conservation Board as our speaker who will give a presentation on the Cotswold Way.
The AGM is your chance to find out more about the work of the Group and help us set future priorities and aims. Currently the main activity of the Group is the work parties from September to April, we would like to re-engage with some of the original aims of the Group: education, outreach and promoting enjoyment of the Beacon. If scrub-bashing isn’t your thing, perhaps you could help the group with walks, species recording, creating leaflets, publicity. Any and all help to promote the conservation of the Beacon would be gratefully received!
The Committee has seen a few changes over the past year. I have been co-opted as Chair and am willing to stand for election as Chair at the AGM. David Little is currently Treasurer and Secretary and is willing to stand for re-election. Alan Simmons, Derek Wakefield-Brown, David Allott and Paul Baxter are all willing to stand for election/re-election. David Bishop, Joyce Barrus, John Jukes and Simon Kirby have resigned from the committee and do not stand for re-election.
If anybody is willing to join the committee we would be happy to receive nominations, preferably before the meeting- please contact any committee member.
The meeting is open to the public and all are welcome- not just current members- though we will encourage non-members to join the group! The subscription rate remains the same at £5 per year.
The proceedings will start with a formal AGM. We would like to conduct this properly but expeditiously.


2015 Annual General Meeting

Thursday 12th November

Commencing at 7.30pm in Painswick Church Rooms


Part 1

1. Welcome
2. Apologies for absence
3. Minutes of 2014 AGM
4. Matters arising from minutes
5. Treasurer’s report
6. Adoption of accounts
7. Chairman’s report
8. Election of officers and committee
9. Aims and Future of the Group
10. Any other business

Part 2.

A Presentation on the Cotswolds Way

by James Blockley, Cotswold Trails & Access Officer- Cotswolds Conservation Board

Light refreshments will be served at the end of the evening.

PBCG members (existing or new) – our Treasurer David Little will be glad to receive annual subs of just £5 during the evening.

Annual subscriptions of £5 are now due and can be paid to our Treasurer, David Little, on the AGM night. If you are unable to be there please could you let him have the money when practical.
The next work party is on the morning of Saturday 14th November – we will be working behind the cemetry in the area grazed by the cattle. Dates for the rest of 2015 are: 28.11.15 & 12.12.15. Further dates will be on our website soon.
Best wishes
Polly Lillico

Painswick Beacon Conservation Group

Saturday 19th Sept- wildlife corridor

We were a small, modest work party but not quiet (topics ranged from Ebola, bee-keeping to the Syrian refugee crisis). 
We were David L, Rita, Polly, Richard, Charlie, Ian and John (David B made a brief visit to deliver the tools- many thanks). 

Best jokes (and worst)- John

Best slashers- Ian and Richard (joint)

Best strimmer- David

Best choc cake – Rita

Best stripy pants- Charlie

Enjoying a break!