What We Do

Painswick Beacon Conservation Group is an entirely voluntary group which undertakes practical conservation work on the Beacon. We have historically managed areas of the grassland by cutting and clearing encroaching scrub and have undertaken localised management of some areas of the woodland, aiming to create open glades. We have also been involved with a juniper regeneration project overseen by Plantlife, which involved creating bare ground underneath a few junipers and creating a much larger scrape and seeding this with juniper berries collected from site. The latter was unprotected from grazing, whereas the scrapes underneath existing junipers had protective cages to exclude rabbits.

Everything we do is guided by the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme Implementation Plan.

Painswick Beacon entered into a new management regime under Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) in January 2011. The land is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is also host to a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The emphasis of the HLS agreement is towards bringing these two features into ‘favourable’ condition; owing to the complexity of the site the Beacon that has received insufficient management for many years. The HLS agreement holder is a private land owner and it has been agreed that the agreement will be delivered by a number of key groups including Painswick Golf Club, Painswick Beacon Conservation Group, the Grazing Animals Project and volunteers from the local community. These groups are essential for the delivery of the agreement.

Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG), part of FWAG UK, was commissioned to undertake this brief in May 2011. Latterly, Gloucestershire FWAG as part of FWAG South West acquired this contract further to FWAG UK entering administration. The Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan were completed by Ellie Phillips, Farm Conservation Adviser, and the Community Engagement/Facilitation Project was completed by Jenny Phelps, Farm Conservation Adviser.

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